Deep Skies

There is a magical deep blackness in the ocean that mirrors some of the more phantasmagorical moments in life. Ambient floating, beautiful distractions, personal despair, endlessness, spatial illusions, heightened senses and the feeling of being intensely connected to the great unknown.

I started making these landscapes during artist residencies at the Sou’Wester Lodge and Vintage Trailer Park in Seaview Washington. While there, I walk along the ocean and hike the cliffs of the peninsula to look, and be, and stare, and look before I come back to work. This ongoing series is an exploration of the dramatic mood and wondrous sensations I notice in the nocturnal landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.


I love to draw the world around me, not only to hone my craft, but also to investigate, record and experience the particular place. When I am not working from direct observation, my imagery often deals with strong personalities in a “slice of life” environment with a touch of fantasy. As if Norman Rockwell, Raymond Pettibon and Lisa Frank all collided together. I am obsessed with the ocean and mermaids. I love critical discussion around the role of our fantasies/daydreams and how they affect our everyday emotions, and life goals. I often mix the pretty stuff with the frustrating ugly parts of life because that’s how life really is.

Limited Editions

Printmaking is not just a part of my practice. It has also become a home for me since moving to Portland in 2001. I am ever grateful to all my teachers and the amazing printmaking community that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Nothing beats the beauty of fresh ink on a hand-pulled print, or the joy of printmakers at a portfolio exchange potluck.